Mazda 323 Running rough, stalling and revs fluctuating

A supper common fault with the Mazda 323 in both he 1.6 Litre engine and the 1.8 litre engine is the running rough fault.
These little engines are known to give some trouble with ignition coils, leads and even spark plugs as they run a companion cylinder set up for the ignition circuit. That is to say they have one ignition coil for two cylinders. When these little cars start to give hiccups including a misfire symptom, revs fluctuating at idle, stalling and lack of power, many people go straight to the ignition circuit and start replacing parts.
The most common cause for this fault on these Mazdas is a split in the plastic induction pipe between the air flow meter and the throttle body. Often this split is not easily identified as nine times out of ten the split occurs in the Flexi joint section of the pipe. Referring to the image this is the ribbed section.
The result is that un metered air is entering the system causing the vehicle to run lean, and give all the above faults.
You can seal the split with race tape or electrical tape however the pipe is so common that you can now buy them genuine from Mazda for around $95. The part number is MZ-FP47-13-220A and it should take anyone with a moderate level of dexterity about three minutes to replace.
Note sure if this is your issue? Simply spray some brake cleaner or throttle body cleaner over the plastic pipe with the car running. If the revs change when you spray, you have a split in the pipe.
If your vehicle has this fault and you do not feel competent to carry out this repair yourself at home please contact us on 9979 5933 and we can help you over the phone or book your vehicle in for diagnosis and repair.
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