Loyal Mr Hall

clutch_on_the_ground_1995f1d24370ab5a4c5959bb043a3fc3Retelling the stories of doing work on the ground back at my parents place and retelling how much hard work that was, always brings back memories of one client. We did many jobs on the ground for the two years we operated from there but this one client was with us from almost the very beginning and to this day is still one of our loyal regular clients.
The car has changed over the years and we also look after his every day run around car and have now got every member of his immediate family on the client list.
Alex is one of those car enthusiasts blokes and has owned a few high powered Toyota Supras in his time. Right from the start we somehow got Alex as a client and due to the nature of the hobby and motor sport we were very regularly changing gearboxes and clutches in his car for him.
I would deem it unusual for an individual client to be mentioned specifically in our blog but Alex is no usual bloke.
alexhall2In honest truth, I suspect we saw Alex’s black Supra on a monthly basis. Blown diffs, snapped wheel studs, at least five different clutch and gearbox combinations, exhaust work, exhaust damage, engine mounts, and the list goes on, this is all on his first car in the fist year of us operating full time.
Retelling the story now brings back dread of removing and replacing those gearboxes month after month on the ground. But to be honest this one client has helped us massively get to where we are today. Along with his plumes of broken car parts we get to fix after track days or dyno runs. Alex is also a great provider of the greatest marketing tool ever, word of mouth. Alex’s list of referred clients is easily the longest of any of our clients.
Whilst his Supra may be one of our least favourite cars to work on, he is one of our most favourite clients to work with.

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