Long Standing Friends

Ten years ago I met two teenage boys late one evening in a high school car park. They both drove beat up back yard built buckets for cars (as did I at the time). One of them in particular, could hardly drive, knew nothing about cars, looked like Eminem and was content to just enjoy life as it came.
glenLittle did I know that he would become one of my closest friends and ten years on he can out drive me any day of the week, he is now a fully qualified automotive spray painter working in a highly accredited smash repair business and has a very promising career ahead of himself.
Glen has spent so much time perfecting his art over those years with countless hours spent in the spray booth that he is now highly skilled and sought after by other smash businesses
In the ten years of knowing him I have had the pleasure of watching and helping him build some very serious street cars with his love for Japanese high performance cars getting the better of him.  Glen has owned and built a complete custom R32 Skyline (which he built from scratch), a S14 200SX, an incredibly high powered R34 Skyline and currently owns a WRX STI.
glen2Cars are one thing, and to keep it all in perspective I have to remind
myself often that they are just a hunk of metal. But the true value that has come from the modified car world is the friendships I have made and my friendship with Glen is one of the strongest.
Glen is not actively part of GDL Automotive, (although I’d have him in a heart beat if we branched in smash repairs) but his ongoing support and help through the start up process has been amazing. He is contactable at any hour of the day, he loves what he does and has never let us down. There have been a few small incidents over the years and Glen has always come to the rescue. We can only hope that as the business develops we encounter more genuine guys like Glen.

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