Lemons of 2023

There is always a risk in buying a used car but these ones should be avoided at all costs. In most cases you would be better to suck on a used toilet brush then park any of these vehicles in your driveway. So here we go in no particular order, the four worst second hand cars of 2023.

1. The VW Golf 1.4 twin charged.
The Golf generally is not an exceptional vehicle to start with. Combined that with the diesel emissions scam, the brand took a massive slap to the forehead, but the the twin charged 1.4 is the mechanical equivalent to a fat kid getting stuck in the bus doors with his back pack still on. You never know when this thing will let you down but in short its more likely to not start than it is to start.
Almost on daily basis someone within five kilometers of where ever you are right now is discovering that their Golf has just lost compression. Whilst your golf is playing roulette with weather to drop a piston on not, its dumping coolant on the street of indecisively shifting gears through a rubbish DSG transmission.
The 1.4 Golf is still getting repaired by the manufacturer under warranties when these vehicles are well and truly out of warranty.

2. The Holden Cruze
What an absolute gem of a lemon. The Holden cruise is an all alloy block. Its gets hot then its not. After these things overheat, they damage the engine block and you will never get it right again. They have a conglomerate of plastic components, the oil coolers fail, the turbo chargers fail and the transmission is a mix match from a different engine combination. The car shifts gears in a very odd way  which makes for a driving experience like your riding a theme park ride. You would better off holidaying in the Wuhan Provence than owning a Holden Cruize.

3. Ford Fiesta.
Ford class actions, combined with the fact that no one has actually worked out how to fix the power shift transmission problems means this vehicle tops out jalopy list. Also running alloy blocks most of the items on these cars are throw away items. Engines, gearboxes, plastic cooling systems and styling from a Dr Who film. There is little good about the Ford Fiesta. Once you own it your trapped, no one wants to buy them due to the power shift transmission issues. If your thinking of owning one we advise you open your freezer and lick the ice.

4. Holden Captiva
Last on our list is a car that has been nicked named the Crap-tiva by so many. Lets face it, an engineering masterpiece would never cop this nick name. Transmission problems , electrical issues, stretched timing chains, transfer bearings failing, lower control arm bushes and rear shocks are all common for premature failure. The only thing going for this car is the seven seat option some models have.
The Captiva is a mechanical abomination with almost noting going in its favor. It arguably the most frequented vehicle that comes up in the “should i buy this car” conversation

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