Range Rover Owners Nearly Always Make This Mistake

Majority of the Land rover owners we see through our shop have made this key mistake. When researching and exploring new or used Range rovers and Land Rovers, owners have neglected to account for the cost of upkeep on the vehicle.

The typical annual spend for the upkeep of a Land Rover or Range rover is $10,000. This applies to the top of the range vehicles right down to the entry level vehicles. The Range rover Evoque is now on the used car market and is very affordable to most consumers as a second-hand motor vehicle. The catch is, the Evoque is just as problematic as any other Range Rover and just as costly to maintain.

Consumers are buying these cars on the second-hand market and expecting Maintenace costs similar to a Kia or a Toyota. WRONG regardless of the price you paid for the car, you should still be anticipating up to $10,000 per year on maintenance for any Range Rover or Land Rover.

This does not mean you shouldn’t buy one. We are simply advising consumers to do their relevant research and budget accordingly. If the maintenance costs are not within your budget, we don’t advise buying a Range Rover, new or used.

If your budget allows for such a spend, go for it. They are a beautiful vehicle with almost nothing else on the market to compare to it.

Here is a short video whilst we drive over Sydney Harbour Bridge, whilst we discuss this very issue.

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