Land Rover Freelander 2 Boost Leak

Driving a Free Lander two and suddenly you lose power, have a high pitch whistle noise and a check engine light?
More than likely you have a split intercooler hose between the throttle body and the intercooler. Traditionally the split occurs down at the intercooler end.
Some technicians feel the front bar has to be removed to repair this, but if your hands are small enough it can be done with out doing that.
We have found it easier to seperate the intake at the plastic pipe as shown in the image and remove the pipe in two pieces. When you buy the replacement off Landcover you have to buy the entire three piece pipe for about $340 AUD. Separate the three pieces and fit them separately to avoid having to remove the front bumper.
You will have a number of fault codes for EGR faults and boost pressure faults. Clear all of this and you are on your way again.

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