Land Rover Discovery 4 Front Lower Control Arms Fault

All vehicles have a list of common faults and the Discovery 4 is no different. Various things are common across this vehicle from engine issues, oil leaks and brakes but one fault that seems to plague every single discovery 4 ever made is the bushes in the front lower control arms.
This is a problem that also effects Subaru’s, Mercedes Benz and Honda CRVs. That is to say this is not a design defect on Land Rovers part, rather it’s a common component to wear out across many different vehicles.
Land Rover speciasit Narrabeen The front rubber bushes flex all day everyday with even the most minuscule variations on the road. After a period of time these rubber bushes split through and can cause excess movement of the front wheels. The can cause problems with steering, handling and braking as well as cause brakes and most importantly tyres to wear out prematurely.
The bush in question can be purchased separately, the arms removed from the vehicle and the old bushes pressed out and new ones pressed in. However it actually works out financially cheaper to pay less for labor and more for parts and replace the complete control arm with all new bushes and a new ball joint. This will take the technician far less time, the consumer gets more new parts and the invoice payable will be less.
This is something that is difficult to source aftermarket but if you can get them, it works out far cheaper than genuine. Pedders suspension can get these for you, alternatively there are some decent quality ones available on Ebay.  They should cost you around the $500 mark each off eBay, more if you are going with Pedders, Repco or Bursons auto parts and triple that (and then some) if you buy the arm genuine off Land Rover.
It’s important to note that after this repair is carried out the vehicle will require a wheel alignment.
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