Kia Specialist North Shore

Just another one of our little videos here to talk to you about Kia today. Kia and Hyundai  are two of the major manufacturers coming to the Australian market out of Korea. In years gone past these were a low quality product ,they saturated the market with very ordinary cars.
Once the brand was recognized,they did raise the quality of the vehicle so now both Kia and Hyundai are sensational Vehicles.  Mechanically, safety wise, cheap on parts all of the above.
Kia specifically is  amazing because not only have they got that, but then they back thier product for seven years. So all Kias come with seven years warranty. Recently, one of the motoring magazines questioned, the CEO or someone high up about the fact that their competitors were considering doing the same thing. and Kias  response was, “well we will just increase ours to 10 years”.
So that says to you that the hierarchy of executives back their product to the point that they’re willing to put a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on it. And that’s unheard of in this industry. So that in itself is pretty much evidence to me that they are really good car because the manufacturer is willing to put their money where the mouth is.
We really do recommend Kias across the range. The carnivals are the only thing that has a little bit of a problem if the oil services are skipped.  But otherwise they’re fantastic vehicles, so highly recommend the Kias.
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