Kia and the Seven Year Warranty

Any sensible consumer would do the research before purchasing a new car. Various reviews, consumer complaints, recalls and safety features all taken into consideration. After deciding on a few makes and models that are suitable the average Joe asks their local family mechanic for his or her opinion on the vehicle in question. After announcing that you are looking into buying a Volvo XC90 you will have a spanner thrown at you. There is a manufacturer that many mechanics advise avoiding and the reasoning is completely unethical.
Many mechanics advise consumers against buying cars from Kia. The reason for this is the brands hearty backing of its own product. The seven year warranty that Kia places on its vehicles not only gives consumers peace of mind when buying a new vehicle but it is a manufacturer backing their product.
The average mechanic is not too thrilled about this. Why?
Kia expert Northern beachesMost manufacturers cover the vehicle under warranty for three years. After that you are on your own. Its at this point many owners abandon the dealers like a pregnant teenager and head back to the family mechanic. From that point on any mechanical failure the vehicle has makes the independent repairer good profit. The private mechanic wants you back in his care as soon as possible and with Kia seven year warranty this can mean a lost client for seven years.
The scenario is a good client buys a new car and leaves the exisiting mechanic, believing they are getting a good deal with the dealer for the warranty period. This is actually a lie and can be covered in the article linked to at the bottom of this one.
For those three years the independent repairer losses, then the consumer comes back to him and the whole cycle starts again. In the case of Kia, the scenario is extended to seven years. Whilst the customer is misinformed and can retain this warranty whilst using the independent repairer many consumers are ignorant to the fact. So its easier for the private repairer to just lie and say Kia is a bad car.
The truth, Kia is an exceptional vehicle. We strongly advise buying one they come from he same place as Hyundai and value for money you can’t beat them. So much so that the manufacturer backs it with seven years warranty and unlimited kilometres. Thats unheard of.
In April 2018 Kia reported that if competitors started to match the seven year warranty they would not hesitate to increase this to a ten year warranty.
Our advise is to buy Kia. they are a reputable reliable brand with a good warranty. We also advise servicing with your private repairer.
Why You shouldn’t service your car at the dealer.

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