Jaguar Land Rover to rename itself as JLR

Jaguar Land Rover, the iconic British car manufacturer, is undergoing a transformation. As announced by Adrian Mardell, the current CEO, the company will rebrand itself as JLR, with a new focus on a “House of Brands” approach that will see it launch vehicles under the Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar brands.

This shift will diminish the role of the Land Rover marque, which will now become a “trust mark” for the other brands. This decision was made to simplify the company’s brand strategy and to provide more clarity for customers.

The move towards a “House of Brands” approach will enable JLR to focus on specific areas of expertise for each brand. Range Rover will focus on luxury, Defender on off-road vehicles, and Discovery on lifestyle and family crossovers.

JLR’s head of design, Jerry McGovern, explained that this new approach is necessary to provide “absolute clarity” for customers. He emphasized that the Range Rover and Defender brands already have a strong identity and equity, while the Land Rover brand is not as well established.

JLR’s electric vehicle strategy for the coming decade is also accelerating, with the company launching a new exclusively electric EMA architecture for its mid-size crossovers, including the Range Rover Evoque and Velar, and Land Rover Discovery Sport. Furthermore, JLR will introduce a new Jaguar range in 2025, starting with a four-door GT based on the separate JEA platform.

Overall, JLR’s new strategy signals a bold new direction for the company, as it looks to carve out a new identity and focus on its core strengths under the JLR banner.

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