city_584f960a32f1dd42d08f6bcf6b06b4aeWhat keeps the team ticking at GDL? Writing this post has caused me to pause and reflect a little as I can easily identify what it is that keeps me personally striving for our latest goal but I have never asked the other team members what it is for them.
At this point its important to say that with the business in the fourth year of operation no one is on a wage yet. I (Dannie) am the only fulltime employee of the business but the people considered to be the team comprise of two other mechanics who often help out, two IT friends who are a big help with computers, websites and even this blog and of course Sara who is behind most of the admin of the business.
So for myself I am sometimes found in a bad head space and have discovered over the years there is one thing that I do that rekindles the fire within me. Without fail whenever I under do this one exercise I am reenergised and passionate about my business, goals and dreams. What is that one thing?
I jump in the car in the evening and I drive through North Sydney. North Sydney is slowly becoming as busy as the city centre itself when it comes to business. I look at the many small businesses that are thriving in that area and I am happy for them, but it is the big businesses that do it for me. Nothing about what they do, how they treat clients or staff interest me. Nor does the building or the logo rather its the fact that I look at every single one of those big businesses with the logo on top of a skyscraper and know in my head that if you trace history back far enough every single one of those businesses started the same way GDL started, the same way every business started. With an idea. It not only comforts me by truly inspires me. “If they can do it, I sure as hell can do it” Remember this blog post when you see GDL in neon lights atop a great Sydney Skyscraper.

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