If you do this at the petrol station, you’re damaging your car…

fuelIt’s a real short article this week and it seems like its a really basic one. We often see this happening at petrol stations. In our super busy consumer driven lives, we can’t wait five minutes for the petrol bowser on the correct side of the car to be free. We have some important meeting to be at so we pull our car up and the opposing pump and proceed to drag the fuel hose over to the other side of the car. Seems harmless right? That hose is covered in centuries of grime, human snot and poo follicles from eons of human usage and you just dragged it across you paint work. May seem harmless enough but we have seen several new vehicles with paint damage from having the fuel bowser hose being dragged across it. We strongly advise you keep listening to Amanda Keller attempt to be funny for a few more minutes and use the bowser on the correct side of your car when it becomes available.

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