How To Register My Car In COVID-19

With the country potentially going into lock down over the COVID-19 pandemic you probably have not thought about your rego inspection.
If your rego comes around whilst the country is in lock down, how will you get a rego inspection done?
Fear not my friend. Rego inspections are now valid for six months. This means you can get the inspection done now and you can rego your car at any point in the following six months.
Book your rego inspection now, before the country possibly goes into lock down.
Rego inspection
E safety Inspection
Pink slip
The annual pilgrimage to your local repairer for your vehicles safety check and roadworthiness inspection is called an number of different things.
We have covered in previous articles some common mistakes people make surrounding this which you can find by clicking the link below.
Common mistakes people make when not comes to rego inspections
What many people are not a wear of is how long that inspection is valid for after the vehicle has passed the inspection.
It used to be valid for 28 days however in more recent times the good people at RMS, Service NSW or the RTA have decided thats not long enough.
The revised time period that the inspection is now valid for is 6 Months.
Whilst i feel this decision is about as foolish as rubbing a circuit ball down with sand paper live on national television, the RMS can not be reasoned with.
You vehicle that just past rego with almost slick tyres, in six months time can still be registered with what is now defiantly racing slick tyres.
Regardless this is a win for consumers if you are sticking to your advised service schedule.
If you are getting your vehicle serviced every six months like you should be, this new time frame means there is no need for an additional trip to the mechanic.
You can have you rego check done at the inspection prior to your next rego renewal and provided you are diligent with your bookings and upkeep you can knock down two birds with one stone.
(has anyone ever actually thrown a stone and hit two avian creatures at once? )
Rego inspection Warriewood
E Safety inspection Warriewood
Pink slip Inspection Warriewood

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