How To Identify An Honest Mechanic

First up i need to clear something up.The concept that the average consumer has that mechanics are rip offs, untrustworthy and out to rob you blind is just not accurate. I have worked on Sydneys Northern beaches at a number of shops over the past twenty years. I have worked in specialty repairers, general repairers, dealerships and a small garage connected to a service station and not once in my career have i ever come across someone  who was internationally trying to be dishonest. granted some mechanics are better then others but no one i have ever come across is about doing the wrong thing by the customer.
The single greatest issue is a combination of poor communication from a tradesman and a level of ignorance from the customer. This issue is the subject for another article.
For now here are three things you can do to scope out a decent mechanic before you take the risk and try them out.

  1. Avoid any workshop that actively bad mouths the competition.
    almost every business has competitors. This is a good thing in fact our government regulates it to make sure that there is.owning a monopoly is not allowed in our country. There is enough customers for all shops to currently exist. Bad mouthing a competitor is a poor sales tactic and instantly shows you what kind of businessman you are dealing with. Avoid anyone that does this.
  2. Check the owners response to negative google reviews.
    Unfortunately the customer is not always right, however a decent business owner will attempt to resolve any dispute with disgruntle customers. This is a good place to gauge the mechanics approach to unhappy clients. The good reviews hardly matter (anyone can get mum to write something nice online about you)  what matters is how they respond to the negative reviews, especially if the upset client has left a story explaining the scenario from his or her perspective.
  3. Avoid people who will do less for cash.
    Tax evasion is theft. If this person is willing to steal from his own government, its more then likely he will steal from you too. The reality is the government provides school, roads, education and medical aid when he needs it and yet he is still willing to steal from them. What can you do for him, far less no doubt. if he is willing to steal from the government and thus indirectly from you, he will steal from you.
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