How to Fix Hyundai I30 Steering Knock

We have come across this fault several times in our workshop however I must give credit where credit is due. The images we have used in this article were sourced from an automotive blog called
noise in hyundai steering
The I30 is a spectacular car with very little in the way of common faults however one such fault that they all seem to have is a very harsh knocking noise that develops within the steering. Usually this starts just after the vehicle has expired its manufacturers warranty.
The fault is in the steering column itself and can be very dangerous as is a worn out plastic gear that in some cases is completely perished. Worst case this could result in a total loss of steering however we have never seen it get that bad and even the worst ones we have seen, still had sufficient response in the steering. In our opinion vehicles with this fault should not be able to pass a road worthy inspection.
So what’s the story with this issue? The I30 runs an electric steering system. There is a small plastic gear where the motor mounts to the steering column. Over time this plastic gear perishes.
Many shops will simply replace the entire unit with a replacement part and in some cases this is the best course of action. Reconditioned columns are also available however both these options can be expensive. You can strip the thing apart and replace the faulty part.
Hyundai I30 Steering knock
The steering column and motor need to be removed from the vehicle. It is easier to do this by removing the steering wheel and airbag however its not necessary. Be careful not to spin the wheel and damage the clock spring. If you do this you will disconnect the horn and airbag from the main wiring and your horn won’t work and your airbag or SRS warning light will come on.
Remove the electric motor from the column and you can replace the plastic gear. The part number is 563152K000FFF. Reports are Hyundai have no listing for this and will try and sell you a complete shaft, however you can get this part through Kia (its basically the same company).
The image shows the old gear with a new one. Clean the old gear parts out and put your new one in. Reassemble and refit it to the vehicle and you are out of trouble.

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