Electric Car Mechanic?

With the climate change debate raging across the world along side of the innovation and technological advancements made in the automotive industry, it’s no surprise that very quickly consumers are turning to electric cars. As these become more and more popular with end users, the costs associated with the purchasing of such vehicles will reduce. Mr Elon Musk has capitalized on this market by creating a high end product for the early adopters of the world with his company Tesla. We have covered this in an article we wrote which you can find here.
We have also looked at the future of the automotive world as more and more manufactures turn to electric and hybrid models. This was looked at in an article you can find here.
Neither of these subjects are what this article is about. More and more frequently we are asked if we are able to cater to customers who are making the jump to electric cars. The short answer is yes. Any mechanic with a current trade license will be qualified and capable of looking after these cars.
The qualifications needed to be a licensed vehicle repairer in Australia covers the electric cars too. The curriculum for Automotive repairers covers, auto electrical (any thing an auto electrician can do), hybrid and full electric systems.
There is a need for specialty tools which most workshops these days are equipped with.
Basically in a nut shell, you do not need to find yourself a mechanic with a specific qualification for an electric or hybrid vehicle. Nor do you have to go back to the dealership. If you have a mechanical workshop you know and trust, stick with them. they will have no issues retaining you as a client or repairing and servicing your new, eco friendly vehicle.
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