Catching COVID-19 At The Petrol Pump

Hi there everyone Dannie from GDL Automotive Services, just another one of our short videos here talking to you about some of the stuff that I’ve seen on Facebook.
It would seem that the information that I’m getting is that there’s a high risk of the COVID 19 virus being transmitted using the petrol pumps.
People filling up that are potentially infected and then you coming along and filling your car up and getting the bugs and germs on your hands. I don’t know how true this is. Look, if it’s on the internet it’s gotta be true, right. So yeah, look, I can’t actually confirm or deny this with any degree of authority, but better safe than sorry, just be mindful that that’s a potential environment for contracting the virus, and maybe gloves or hand sanitizer straight after filling up your car with petrol would be wise. So yeah, that’s what I’ve got for you today that’s Dannie from GDL Automotive, thanks.

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