Car Insurance Explained By Our Insurance Broker

Danny here from GDL or services. I have with me Denise Gammie from Brookvale insurance brokers. She does all of our insurance and she’s going to answer a couple of quick questions we’ve got to hopefully help you guys out with things relating to motor vehicle insurance.
So first up, are all car insurance companies, the same thing?
Not necessarily because like buying a car, you’ve got plenty of choice. So every policy is going to be different. And there’s a number of factors that insurers will employ when they negotiating a premium with you, depending on the type of the car is guarantee. It might include certain bells and whistles that you want that will tailor to suit yourself so you’ve got to find a product that’s going to fit, what you need to suit your requirements. So, there are are differences.
Excellent, thank you. And should we as consumers be buying insurance based on price? Should we be shopping around for the cheapest one possible?
Generally speaking, no because less really is not more. Okay, why is the policy cheaper. Does it include something that you might want, like your choice of repair. million dollars will actually charge you more for your choice of repair, you might need a high powered that’s off the road being repaired and it’s at your shop. So, they are all different, and you can’t compare on price because you can’t compare an apple and an orange.
Fair enough. And the last question for you today was. If I own a cheap run about car that say valued at $5,000 or less. Should I just save my money and not bother insuring?
No, you really need to look at what your budget can afford. If you can afford comprehensive insurance even if you’ve only got a cheap run about, take it, because you can get a policy tailored down to suit you. What if you don’t have insurance, and you run up the back of a Porsche or Ferrari? can you afford not to have insurance? Take out third party property damage only at a minimum, that way it’s going to protect you should you have an accident and run up the backside of somebody else, and also those third party property damage only policies can sometimes protect you if you’re not actually at fault. So definitely consider insurance, Id say as a minimum, third party property damage.
Excellent. Thank you Denise. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us, or directly to Denise at Brookvale Insurance Brokers. She looks after all of our business insurance, and our fleets. And she’s very quick and we’ve never had any problems. So thanks that’s Dannie from GDL automotive services.
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