Building The Woo

wooforblog4As previously blogged about, when starting the business we set it up as a mobile mechanic which required us to have a vehicle. The Daewoo Lanos was gifted to us for free but it needed a lot of work. Our intentions were to just do the bare essentials to keep the thing running until something better came along.
As time went on and things needed repairing we found ourselves going further then we planned. At the times that the vehicle needed attention for one reason or another the best financial option was always to fix the Deawoo rather than replace it.
The clutch failed, so it was replaced, the water pump failed so it and the timing belt got replaced, a year later the fuel pump died and the entire fuel system was repaired or replaced. Then a year after that, an exhaust valve failed and a complete motor rebuild occurred. We were now at a point where we had a very reliable car with few faults and had spent so much money keeping it going that there was no way we were going to get rid of it.
wooforblog2It was now that friends and family had nicknamed it The Woo and it was around this time we decided the signwriting needed upgrading.
Back when I first built my very first car I had some air brush artwork carried out on the bonnet (and to this day that bonnet hangs in the workshop) by a local artist. Airbrushing in the performance car world was very popular ten years ago but like the clothing fashion world, modified cars also go through waves of what’s in and what’s not. Right now airbrush art is not a cool thing in the modified car world.
That did not bother us and we went for it. I contacted the artist from 13 years ago and he was keen to do it. We had the idea of ripping off Lightning Mcqueen and Mater from the movie “Cars”. The artist would not do it due to copyright infringements but he sketched out a cartoon version of The Woo and his own little tow truck. The art was amazing and we never looked back.
wooforblog3That little cartoon car became our logo and year on we developed complete marketing campaigns around that artwork
We stripped the car and sent it to the panel shop for a clean up. Then to the air brusher for his work and back to the panel shop for a clear coat. we got the car back looking amazing but it needed more. Over the following year, window tints and Mag wheels, pillar gauges, custom number plates, headlight repairs, colour coded mirrors and other such modifications cleaned up the look of our driving mascot.

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