Building the Fleet

fleetIt was apparent we had discovered a magic formula with the pickup service we offered, as with very little marketing clients were coming in hard and fast. The issue then arose that we did not have the means to cater to all of our clients within a realistic time frame due to the lack of cars available. With one car we were limited to a maximum of two jobs per day.
The solution to this problem was not easy to come by as the requirements were somewhat restrictive. We required up to three small cars (we already had one with The Woo up and running), they had to be relatively cheap on fuel consumption, mechanically sound and reliable, small, preferably automatic and we had a very small budget for this. Finding a car with all those things was a real challenge as a reliable car for cheap is not a combination you come across often.
As luck would have it a client of our had blown the head gasket on his Hyundai Getz and wanted to offload the car. $600 and a tow later we owned a manual Getz that needed some serious engine work. We stripped it down and rebuilt it in the end the little car owed us about $2500 with rego and we had the second addition to our fleet.
hyundaiBefore long it became apparent the manual was a problem. Whilst most of the team at GDL can drive manual the clients we loaned it out to from time to time were convinced in their mind they could drive manual but a few clutch replacements in under six months suggested otherwise. An issue we would have to deal with later.
pulsarThe Third was an absolute bargain. The green Nissan pulsar fit our criteria perfectly. It came in smashed and the owner signed the car over too us for free. We stripped the front end off the car and went to the wreaking yard where we found an untouched car same make model and colour. $600 later and we had a Pulsar ready for rego. We now had a Fleet of three and it was not long before the extra bookings we were now able to take paid for the overheads of the extra cars.

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