Avoid Christmas Disasters

disaster-stories-xThe single greatest automotive mistake you can make in the build up to Christmas is to leave your pre-holiday service to the last minute.  We have briefly covered this in the past when it comes to normal holidays but Christmas amplifies the problem.
Leaving the pre-trip inspection or service to the few days prior to your departure is ill advised. The biggest issue surrounding this on any normal holiday is if your mechanic finds something with your car that may require a few days to repair, or a few days to get parts in, it can horribly ruin your holiday as your mode of transport was just deemed unroadworthy.
Driver furious a broken car by the roadThe same applies for the Christmas Holidays, yet consider now that every single client that small workshop has, is in the same boat. The week out from Christmas the phone goes mental, the bookings stack up and before long the little workshop can no longer fit any more work in. You just missed out on getting your car looked at by the guy you know and trust.
Before christmas gets too close organise to have you car serviced, your caravan bearing looked at and any other pre-trip automotive needs sorted. Make sure you have this done well in advance to avoid the disappointment of either “I can’t fit you in” or “I need it for a week” when something drastic is required.
It’s you who benefits greatly from this.

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