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toby_61b8a59d2af6e6ab7d715a9d305a7bbdNot long after the move to Narrabeen, a friend of mine broke down in his ute. The tricked out V8 Holden had blown the automatic transmission and he asked if we could convert this to manual.
We quoted the job up and it was rather expensive. Close to seven thousand Australian dollars in the end. He said “do it” and we got to work. The job took a long time as the wrong parts were sent and we had to wait on a lot of genuine parts.
The job was rather stressful but enjoyable at the same time. Finally, the client got the car back. He was stoked and two years on it’s still going well. The only disappointing part to the job was I later heard gossip amongst car enthusiasts that people believed I ripped this client off with the job,ter yet none of these people had any idea of what was involved to do it. Regardless its still one of my most memorable jobs.

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