Auto Air Con Regas: Common Questions

Your car’s air conditioning unit is designed as a sealed system that generally requires minimal maintenance. However, over time, refrigerant gas may gradually leak from the system, reducing its ability to produce cold air effectively.

1. How long does a car air con regas take?

The process of removing old refrigerant gas from your car’s air conditioning system and replacing it with fresh gas typically takes around 45 minutes.

2. Do you need to make an appointment for a car air con regas?

Yes, scheduling an appointment with an air conditioning specialist is necessary for an auto air con regas. Refrigerant gas is a regulated and harmful substance, requiring a licensed professional to handle it safely.

3. Will your vehicle be checked for leaks before regassing?

Before commencing the regassing procedure, a thorough inspection and test are conducted to ensure your car’s air conditioning system can effectively blow both cold and warm air. Any potential issues or leaks are identified and addressed by the technician before proceeding with the regas.

4. How much gas is lost annually in a car’s air conditioning system?

In a well-maintained air conditioning system, no refrigerant gas is lost annually. If you notice a decline in cooling performance or suspect a leak, it indicates a fault within the system that requires diagnosis and repair by a technician.

5. Is car air con gas environmentally friendly?

The commonly used refrigerant gas, R-134a, is a greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Proper disposal and handling of this gas during the regas process are essential to prevent environmental harm. Licensed technicians utilize equipment that ensures the gas is contained and doesn’t escape into the atmosphere.

If you notice your air con struggling to cool effectively, a potential auto air con regas is recommended to maintain optimal performance. Give us a Call on 9987 2818 or Book Online to cool down your car.

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