August Special: Pre Purchase Inspections

For the Month of August, GDL Automotive Services is offering pre-purchase inspections on the house. This is part off our monthly specials campaign.
Picture this.
Six months ago, you purchased a second-hand vehicle with average kilometres on it, you haggled the price a little bit and got yourself the car. Now its service time and your mechanic has the car on the hoist. It’s a death trap, it never had anything other than an oil and filter change, it’s an inch away from breaking down or having the wheels literally about to fall off the vehicle. You are now looking down the barrel of an invoice that exceeds the value of the vehicle and is double what you paid for the car.
Before you invest an amount of money into what will likely become your second greatest asset in life, you should have the vehicle inspected for safety and identifying any potential upcoming repairs needed on what is about to become your baby.
Even if you are one hundred per cent convinced that what you are looking at is the car for you, a pre-purchase inspection can identify any faults no matter how minor. This could give you leverage for negotiating the price in your favour.
Traditionally purchases of lemon vehicles cost consumers an average of two thousand dollars a year. Save yourself from becoming that statistic and get your new purchase inspected.
GDL Automotive services offer a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection that comes with a report and advise as to the estimated value of the vehicle and repairs that will be needed in the near future. Unlike other pre-purchase inspections, this service requires your vehicle to go into one of our workshops, be raised on the hoist and have a complete inspection of all mechanical components on the vehicle.
Even if you have to go through this process five times before you find the correct vehicle, you are still financially in front.
It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.
Please note: this is not a mobile service: In order for GDL to deliver on its high standards we promise to our consumers we require the vehicle to be at one of our workshops for these inspections to take place.
Book your pre-purchase inspection today by clicking here.

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