Audi TT Vehicle Review

Arguably one of the coolest vehicles that Audi has designed before the release of the R8 is the TT however there are a few common problems with them to be mindful of.
The Audi Range of vehicles is not a bad range. The European manufacturer has combined, luxury and comfort with a high degree of engineering. The result is an exceptiona
Having said that there are a few mechanic issues to be mind full of on these models.
Here is the list of things to watch out for.
1.6 Lt Engine has a known fault with the injectors, this was covered by manufacturers warranty but if your looking to get one second hand be careful of buying one without getting this first checked out.
Audi TT Review1.6 Lt engine has a known fault for EGR failure. When this fail it wont to any major damage to the engine in the short term however the vehicle will be serious lacking in power. Sometimes this can be rectified with a removal of the valve and cleaning it however most of the time its on temporary. A new valve is nearly always needed within twelve months of the initial fault.
The manual transmissions run a Duel mass Flywheel which needs replacing when the clutch gets replaced and these a very expensive.
The DSG Transmissions are known to give trouble and we have covered this in this article here.
1.4 engine is known for oil consumption problems.
2.0 TFSI is very common for the water pump to fail prematurely. This can cause other engine issues if not rectified as soon as possible.
All petrol engines are known for the water pump to leak coolant once the kilometers get  past 60,0000
Its worth noting that these engine options are the same or very similar across the following range of vehicles. A1, A3, TT Q3 and the Q2
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