Audi A4 Vehicle Review

In recent years the Audi range of vehicles have really stepped it up. They have become the benchmark for styling, sophistication and engineering. The newest models feature a lengthy list of features that have helped catapult the automotive industry into the history books with thing like lane departure warning systems, self parkng, rain sensors and so on.
Having said that there are a few things to be careful of when looking at one of these vehicles. There are some common faults to be mindful of and to keep an eye out for.
It is also worth noting that these engine combinations are applicable for the A4, A5 A6,A7 and the Q7 and Q5.
2.0TDI are common for water pump failures
Audi specialsit Warriewood The V6 TDI is common for timing chain and tensioner faults. This will start with a noise rattle sound on start up. If the tensioner completely fails the car may not start. If the tensioner does not completely fails he rattle noise will gradually get worse and the check engine warning light can come on. This will give you fault codes for cam and crack shaft correlation. If left to long the chain and or tensioner can completely fail and major internal engine damage can occur.
3.0 TFSI is also known for the water pump issues. Besure to check for water pump leakage on them.
The manual transmissions run a Duel mass Flywheel which needs replacing when the clutch gets replaced and these a very expensive.
The DSG Transmissions are known to give trouble and we have covered this in this article here.
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