Adzy’s VK Commodore Build

adzy1Who knows Adzy? Alright every single Northern Beaches resident ever, you can now lower your hand. Every one knows Adz but probably not as well as us. Don’t get caught anywhere public with him, a simple five minute run to the bottle shop turns into a two hour ordeal with him running into some bloke he knows. If you’re ever lucky enough to get invited out on the town by him be forewarned one of two things will happen. You will either end up at a local establishment known for allowing under age kids in and thus you are drinking and partying it up with people you have potentially fathered and are currently in the throws of puberty or you will head into the city where he will go so hard you will spend the following morning hosing his vomit off the veranda. Aside form the antics that come with knowing Adz there was for many many years the beloved VK. We were involved in this project a while before GDL started but its a good story nonetheless.
adzy2Aside from underage watering holes or spraying spew throughout Home nightclub Adz was also very well known for owning a tough V8 Commodore, a savage temper and some amazing skill behind the wheel of a car. Before it was called drifting Adz would drive mates home from wherever they were and when they got home many wished they had just slept in the gutter. Travelling with Adzy required you to observe the direction you were traveling through one of the side windows. Also known for cracking a massive skid whenever something did not go his way the car was inevitably always broken.
adzy3Whilst attending a track event many, many years ago with us, an oil pressure issue arose and in his usual form Adz just got into it some more and the result was the Con rod left the block. The answer here was to strip the front end down and start again.
We have memories of many weekends of dragging Adz out of bed and getting started. Adz’ old man had some skill with the push rod V8 motors, as in years passed he had owned his own workshop and had in fact built and raced HQ Holdens at Bathurst. We saw it as an opportunity to absorb as much information as we could from an old school veteran.
adzey4The motor came out and was stripped down for assessment. The damage was extensive but the heads had survived the ordeal. A new Block was sourced and Jake (adzys Old Man) taught us about honing, measuring bearing clearances and torque settings. Looking back I’m sure Adz slept through most of these lessons from Jake.
Through a contact Jake had in the Push rod V8 world we landed some very shinny flat top pistons for it and the following weekend Jake taught us how to measure and fit piston rings.
The camshaft was replaced and we put it all back together again. Whilst the motor was out, the front end got a serious looking at. Two solid weekends of paint stripper and an incident Adz had with the wire brush on the end of the angle grinder were next.  Jake then taught us what he knew of welding as we shaved the bay and painted it.
It all went back together and was running well for a while until Adz blew up the gear box, and once that was sorted the 9 inch diff let go. In the end the rust and the fact that the white VK was a cut and shut job, the running gear was all striped out and transplanted into a better body. But that’s another story.

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