6 of the Worlds Cutest Cars

One must be forced to admit that what’s attractive and what’s not, is all relative to the eye of the beholder. That sentence that your mother used to say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is something parents say to teenage sons who are making fun of the fat chick at school. Years on we discover that there was an element to this that is factual.
Some car manufacturers make cars that some slightly over weight graphic designer with a caffeine addiction deem to look amazing, without getting a second opinion. The result is rubbish looking cars, but once again this is subjective to the viewers prefrontal lobe and more specially, if it has a screwdriver embedded in it.
Now that we have humorously defended our “opinions” out of a deep rooted fear of what people actually think, lets get stuck into what we believe to be some of the cutest cars currently in the car market.
new mini1. The Mini
Yeah yeah, we’re all sick of hearing some bimbo say her favourite car is the mini or even worse the new beetle. However if you remove low intelligence, big breasted property managers who are quick to make you believe that they are not just conforming to what is currently trending like some sort of human reincarnation of Mort from Madagascar, the Mini is in-fact a rather good looking compact car.
The designers never had the mechanic in mind when making it (normal behaviour for German car manufacturers these days) but who cares when the car turns heads. Head turning for these is on the rapid decline due to society becoming accustomed to them. If you want a car that wants people to point and talk the Mini probably is not the one for you.
Nissan_Cube_Z12_0012.Nissan Cube
The name does say it. Basically take a shoe box, jump on the front of it and give it four wheels, you now have a Nissan Cube. The Cube is manufactured by a reputable car manufacturer with a reputation for making family cars with the same level of excitement as queuing up at the post office. Nissan desired to change this and released the Cube. You either love it or hate it. Owners of them rave about them, particularly the functionality of its extensive storage compartments.
This cunning plan by Nissan seems to have failed as sales numbers did not reach the desired targets, resulting in Nissan discontinuing the manufacture of the beloved shoes box on wheels.
Rukas3. Toyota Rukus
Toyota seems to have copied Nissan with the box shaped cars or maybe Nissan copied Toyota or maybe some highly paid designer jumped ship half way through the drawing a car that looks like a chocolate block process.
The Rukus was renamed for Australia, the Japanese manufacturer released it as the Toyota Scion.
The Rukus did not seem to move as well in the Australian market as the Cube seems to have. It’s still a unique looking car but like its Nissan counterpart is no longer in production.
Just to add to the stealing of odd looking car deisgns situation, Great Wall, the Chinese car manufacturer released a copy of this car with a different front end.
Fiat 500 White4.Fiat 500.
Unfortunately the best lookers tend to have a heart of coal. It’s unlikely any motor mechanic will recommend we purchase a Italian born motor car. On the cuteness scale this one takes the cake. A car that has been characterised in many of the Pixar Films, must be a good looker right?
The 500 or so variations of it have been made since 1957 and have become a cult vehicle for many enthusiasts. Modern versions of it bare remarkable resemblance to a dropped ice-cream cone.
DaihatsuMoveCanbus25. Daihatsu Move
The car that’s design inspiration comes from a tampon. We have to admit that the Daihatsu Move is actually an abomination of a car. It has nothing visually pleasing about it at all. The Move has the look of a fat overweight puppy that has chased and caught one to many parked cars. We are not fans of them at all, until the announcement of the latest shape to be released. Its only a concept car at this stage but if it’s any thing like the concept, it’s sure to be a hit with adolescent girls who want their lawyer daddy to buy them a car.
Kia Soul
6. Kia Soul
Kia has experimented greatly in the car market and for the best part it has paid off. The Soul was probably not one of the best choices for the mass produced car market but it definitely was a huge help in the marketing of the brand. You may recall the advertisements for them. You could buy a car in any colour and request the variations of body decals to your liking. Whilst sales may not have been the peaks that Kia had hopped for, it did help boost the manufactures into the playing field, with many other car manufacturers. Paint and decals aside it is a fun, eye catching little car.
So there you have it a small list of cars we don’t advise buying but do feel rank somewhere on the cuteness radar. What cars have we missed? What would you put on the list?

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