56% of Aussies Name Their Car.

Does your car have a name? Do you talk to it regularly or even feel guilty driving another vehicle? If so, you are not alone.

Sydneys drivers see their cars as so much more than just a vehicle. A new poll finds 60 percent of drivers consider their cars to be full-fledged members of the family—nearly as many owners seal this bond by naming their four-wheeled friends. One can safely assume the figures would be similar for most Australians.

This trend has actually increased in recent times with the introduction of the RMS customised number plates. Whilst this is a costly practice owners can now add the name of the vehicle to the car with the customised number plates.

What goes into the naming process? Results found that 42 percent get their names from a prominent feature, like the color or the sound it makes. Other name inspirations come from movies, TV shows, and songs or famous cars and celebrities.

Not surprisingly, the survey also found that 40% of us regularly talk to our vehicles. For 63% of owners, car conversations are primarily encouraging the car to go faster or make it up a hill.

Half of the car owners describe their car as having a “trustworthy” personality and more than one in three say their car’s personality is “fun.” Twenty-two percent believe their car is “charming”.

But mostly, it was the vehicle’s reliability that cemented its ties with the heart of a family—that, and the long-lasting memories.

Beyond vacations, the average owner sleeps more than two nights in their car, and says they have on three occasions consummated a romantic encounter.

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