Toyota Echo Review

Toyota-Echo reviewIts basically a three sentence review. These cars are amazing. They are near unbreakable and currently they are at an age where they are quite possibly the best value for money when buying a car in the under $5K category.
The Echo was the little brother to the Corolla in its day and boasts a mechanical perfectness similar to that of a Swiss watch. The common issues we have seen with these cars are minor and trivial.
The headlights are prone to discolouring once they get a few kilometres on them they have a semi common issue with leaking radiators and that about covers it. Aside from wearing tyres, breaks, the occasional engine mount and in the case of a manual needs an odd clutch change here and there they are unbeatable.
We have seen a few models develop a bit of rust around the boot so watch out for that if your looking to buy one and the automatic transmissions have been known to burn and discolour oil very quickly which is a fault common to the whole Toyota range.
If you are in the market for a small cheap to run around vehicle, we strongly recommend the Echo. They even came out in a four door option. If you can deal with a small car that looks like a deformed jellybean then we highly recommend this car. Not often could you land a car for the $4k mark and not have to spend very much on it at all.

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