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You’re selling your car. You have to take some photos of it, your photographic skills are parallel to the those of a stoned iguana. You now have a shot of the rear vision mirror and one door. You look at this photo, pull a frown and nod your head. You are basically as good as Ansel Adams.  You put your car up on a car buying platform and wait for the phone to ring and ring it does.
You now flag calls and messages of people offering your 10% off your asking price. Someone asks you if you will accept a price that you do deem sensible. Now the barrage of questions come “can you drop the car to me, over 500Kms away”?  or “can you arrange for a pre purchase inspection and pay for it for me”.  “I need you to be my mum for me and sort my life out”  and “will you accept $500 cash?” Like cash is some sort of currency we are all willing to take massive pay cuts to have.
Once you make a reasonable deal the bloke turns up three hours late, he doesn’t have cash as promised but wants to pay with postage stamps. You have now sat at home all day waiting for this twit. He has a grand less than your agreed price and squabbles with you over it. He takes your car, your cat and your e-tag.
A week later he calls you wanting some sort of warranty because it’s not a brand new car and he expected to be given something in perfect condition.
As if you can be bothered. Have GDL Automotive sell your car on your behalf. We will deal with the fools, the tyre kickers and the requests for warranty. Stupid questions about spare tyres, second keys and rego transferring procedures are all flagged by us.
For a fee. You can have your weekend back not have to haggle with people offering $2K cash for your 2016 Land Rover Discovery.

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