How to identify Dodgy Used Car Yards
Unfortunately the shady used car salesman still exist. Let me tell you some things i have seen in the past few months.
Second hard parts from wrecking yards
Thick oil to stop engines smoking
Silicon filled suspension bushes
Hire a vehicle from a Hire company and swap faulty parts over.
Instrument clusters changed to change the kilometres
Body damaged repaired in house to poor standards
And the list goes on.
used car salesman How can the average consumer that is not an automotive expert protect themselves from these cockroaches. There is actually a very easy tick to help you avoid these guys and it can be done from the comfort of your home, before you even make an enquiry about the vehicle you are considering buying. And it’s all done by using the internet.
These kind of characters inevitably have customers come back, complaining and trying to return unsafe or unreliable vehicles, with that often comes the ramifications of poor reviews online and bad character reference for the company or individual involved. To avoid this, these crooks make sure they have little or no online presence. So all you need to do is attempt to locate information relating to the salesmen or the company.
First get the Motor Dealer licence number. Legally this must be shown on any add listing online. Then search that number and find the name of the business or sole trader it’s affiliated with. From their search that company name or the sole traders name. If you can finds no website, no social media pages for the business and no personal facebook page or even just a page with no profile image, you have found someone who its trying to avoid being found online. Then totally avoid the car, the company and the individual.
Used car yards to this in order to avoid the negative reputation that comes with the unethical practices they are undertaking. This day and age online presence is not difficult, in fact it takes a huge amount of effort to make your self hidden. Someone putting that kind of energy into not being found should be avoided at all costs.

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