Drifting a Red S15

s15Drifting is a huge Motorsport that originated in Japan. It has existed for a few decades now and any young whipper snapper who fancies him or herself a Japanese car enthusiast also fancies themselves as some sort of drift legend. When in fact clutch kicking a beat-up S13 through a roundabout is the level of skill they actually possess. One of our clients wanted to be better than this and has partnered with us for a drift/ skid pan event.
The vehicle is the Red S15 convertible known as a Veritta and the driver was in fact a duo. A dating couple Haimish and Alex. Whilst both had demonstrated a little bit of skill in the past with controlling a vehicle in a slide the pair were hopeful to see what could become of their driving and the car itself on a skid pan event.
skid_pan_dayWe were happy to jump on board. Not for the driver skill or the minimal exposure a rather under powered S15 would give us but more for the documenting and recording for our fan base the journey they undergo.
We are well aware that pulling a handbrake around  skid pan is not even close to what drifting really is but it is the starting point for most drivers. So this past weekend the duo and the Red car donned the GDL stickers and cut sick on a slab of wet concrete. Where this will lead who knows. We are hopeful that in the future the skill set will improve and some serious power upgrades will come with that in an attempt to see them step up to an actual dry track. The naturally aspirated four cylinder just does not have the power for dry track.
stickerRegardless of where it takes them we will have the footage of the journey. We are hopeful that some real long term drift stuff comes from this but only time will tell. Later this week we shall release footage of novice run one.

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