GDL Automotive is a mechanical repair business operating on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Owner/Manager Dannie Lyman has more than a decade of experience in the automotive trade (including experience on European, Asian and Australian vehicles) and has built a business focused on convenience for the client.

About Dannie

Before running the business Dannie was found behind the wheel of high performance cars, a passion that saw him establish and manage a car enthusiast club for seven years.

Outside of the auto world Dannie is either reading fantasy books along the lines of The Lord of the Rings, screaming for the Sea Eagles (local football team), drumming, enjoying good food in some of Northern Sydney’s amazing restaurants or getting into video games.

However, if you call him and his phone is off you can bet he is in a cinema. Aside from cars, film is Dannie’s great passion.

The passion for film is so strong that his sister Miriam and him play guess the film. One will say a line and the other must guess the film.

Meet our Specialists

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    Sara is the wife of GDL owner Dannie. She has an administration role at GDL Automotive, keeping the well oiled machine that is GDL functioning. Outside the company, her primary passion is children and is qualified as a diploma trained childcare educator. She has grown up on the Northern beaches and loves going to the beach. She is also enthusiastic about cooking, baking, reading and craft.

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    Tracey joins the GDL team in an advisory role. She is a cofounder of The real Business Group and is working with the management team of GDL in a strategist capacity. Bringing Tracey on board will allow the team to expand the business to reach its dreams by implementing measurable goals and a level of accountability to the management staff.

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    Brad joins our team as a Yard Hand. He is somehow related to the boss through marriage and landed himself a job by knowing the right people. Brad’s father has an OCD complex when it comes to washing cars, the result of this is the year 12 student can wash cars like no other.
    He grew up in Belrose on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, has a sly sense of humour and a love for overpriced Japanese rear wheel drives. He plans to sell his perfectly good Commodore to buy a lemon of an S13. Kids these day.

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    Nic has quit his high paying IT job to waste the past 18 months, all our MIG gas, our scrap metal supply, his skills and time building mostly useless things. He has contracted to us on many occasion with complex electrical issues and has extensive experience with aftermarket engine management systems. Nic has been the go-to consultant on high performance cars and Haltech computer systems. Nic has also used this valuable time to fill our workshop with two very impressive high performance builds.

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    (Pronounced Car-neigh)
    Kane joins our team in a Customer Service role. She is here to make sure our customers are super happy. If ever an issue arises she will resolve it for you. Kane has a young family and lives locally in Newport. Kane is here to add some much needed Mother Bear influence over our somewhat young team and on her first day she has accidentally volunteered to fund our Christmas party.

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    Brenden joins our team after seven years at Honda. Brenden grew up in Forster he moved to Sydney to get work in the mechanical trade. Once in Sydney, he met Emma and lined up an apprenticeship at Honda. He has developed a passion for dirt bikes. Two stoke death machines are one of his great passions in life, along with cars, 4-wheel driving outback adventure type behaviour and of course his lady friend. Brenden hopes to get his foot in the property market soon, he may not yet be aware that this means he will probably have to give up the bikes in order to afford this.

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    Ben is currently studying media and marketing at University but when off campus, and to fund his life, he is working for GDL. Ben is a musician through and through with skills in singing, guitar and drumming. Ben also has significant knowledge of sound and audio things, skills which are put to use at his church (Pittwater Uniting) and in a small recording studio he has established. Ben joining our team balances out the lack of any real skill in creative arts in our other team members.

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    Jon joins the team after several years experience working for Jeep. He has worked with Dannie in the past both a previous employment and in the early days of GDL.
    Jon has a passion for fishing and most things water based. He is a skilled welder and loves the fabrication side of the industry.
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    Ben joins our team with years of experience on heavy vehicles, having worked in the truck and tractor sector for many years. From there Ben branched out into marine work and as a result has extensive experience with all things boats as well as trucks and cars.
    Ben is a very relaxed young man with a friendly demeanour and an exceptional sense of humour. After only a few short weeks in the team it feels like Ben has always been with us.

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    Max joins the GDL team to over see the digital marketing side to the company. Max has studded both marketing and music at Macquarie university. His love for music has seen him release several singles and is often found giging around bars and pubs that are popular with other such enthusiasts of all things creative. Max i responsible for the Social media pages and much of the clever marketing that GDL is so well known for.